Suggestion 1

Suggestion 2

Suggestion 3

Suggestion 1: Obligation for States to cooperate



Include general provision requiring States to cooperate on a global or regional basis, building on UNCLOS Art 197. E.g.:

“States shall cooperate on a global basis and, as appropriate, on a regional basis as well as sub-regional basis, directly, or thorough competent international organizations, in formulating and elaborating rules, standards and recommended practices and procedures consistent with the Convention (UNCLOS) and this agreement, for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity and its components and protection and preservation of the marine environment, taking into account characteristic regional features.”




UNCLOS Art 197

CBD Art 5


UNFSA Art 9 (sub-regional/regional arrangements)


Suggestion 2: Direct obligation on competent international organizations to cooperate



Include direct obligation on competent international organizations. E.g.:

“The competent international organizations referred to in this agreement shall take all appropriate measures to ensure, either directly or in close cooperation among themselves, the effective discharge of their functions and responsibilities under this agreement.”




UNCLOS Art 278

Suggestion 3: Specify content of the obligation to cooperate



List specific measures on which states and/or competent international organizations should cooperate. These can include scientific, legal, institutional, political, etc., such as cooperation in:


  • marine scientific research
  • conservation/management measures and standards
  • allocation of marine resources
  • collection/dissemination of data
  • monitoring, control, surveillance and enforcement
  • capacity building and technology transfer




UNFSA Art 5 (general principles)

UNFSA Arts 9, 10 (State obligations in cooperating through sub-regional/regional arrangements)

UNCLOS Part XII Section 2 (e.g. Art 200 on studies, research programmes and exchange of information and data, Art 201 on scientific criteria for regulations)

UNCLOS Part XIII Section 2 on international cooperation (Art 242, 243 and 244)