Suggestion 1

Suggestion 2

Suggestion 3

Suggestion 4

Suggestion 1: Capacity building provisions



Obligation for all Contracting Parties to cooperate directly and through international and regional institutions and organizations in capacity-building, capacity development, and training in key areas related to the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in ABNJ.


The key areas should be listed in the agreement or subsequently developed by the decision-making body. They could include:


  • Capacity to implement and comply with the agreement
  • Capacity to develop, implement and enforce domestic legislation, administrative or policy measures for implementation of the agreement
  • Capacity to develop marine scientific research capabilities


The needs of developing country Parties and in particular LDC and small islands developing States should be fully taken into account.


Mechanisms for involving the private sector should be developed.




UNCLOS Art 268 (basic objectives)

UNCLOS Art 202 (scientific and technical assistance)

UNCLOS Art 203 (developing States)

UNFSA Art 25 (forms of cooperation)

Nagoya Protocol Art 22 (list of key areas)

UNFCC Art 9 (subsidiary body for capacity building)

Cartagena Protocol, Art 22.2 (capacity building)


Suggestion 2: Capacity building measures



Measures to promote capacity building development may include inter alia:


  • Legal, policy, scientific and institutional developments;
  • Monitoring and enforcement compliance;
  • Promotion of ABS;
  • Special measures to increase capacity of relevant stakeholders;
  • Technology transfer




Nagoya Protocol Art 22 (measures)

Scholarship programmes, e.g. UN Nippon Fellowship

Suggestion 3: Reporting requirements



Information on capacity building and development initiatives at national, regional and international levels undertaken in accordance with the provisions of this agreement should be provided to the relevant bodies established under this agreement.


See: Reporting Requirements.






Suggestion 4: Financial mechanism



Establish global fund to support capacity building projects related to sustainable use of marine biodiversity in ABNJ.


See: Financial Mechanism.