Suggestion 1

Suggestion 2

Suggestion 1: Minimum content specified in annex



Content of Environmental Impact Statement/SEA Report is specified in Appendix of Annex to the agreement. It could include:


  • description of proposed activity/plan/programme
  • description of initial environmental reference state
  • assessment of likely/potential impacts
  • description of expected biophysical changes resulting from proposed activity
  • identification of ecosystem services
  • description of methods, data and underlying assumptions used to predict impacts
  • description of practical alternatives
  • description of possible mitigation measures




IUCN Policy Brief VIII

Espoo Convention Art 4 (EIA documentation); Appendix II (content of EIA documentation)

Kiev Protocol Arts 6(1) and 7, Annex IV


Suggestion 2: Minimum content to be developed



Provide for decision-making body to identify guidelines/minimum requirements for EIS/SEA Reports.




Espoo Convention Art 4

Kiev Protocol Art 6