Suggestion 1

Suggestion 2

Suggestion 1: Access to information



Require States to provide the public and interested stakeholders with access to all EIA/SEA documentation but not to provide comment or opinion on the documentation.




Espoo Convention Art 3 (8); Art 4(2)

Aarhus Convention Art 2 (defining the public), Art 4 (access to information)

Kiev Protocol Art 2 (definition of “public“)



Suggestion 2: Opportunity to comment



Require States to permit the public and interested stakeholders to provide comments during the EIA process and on such EIA/SEA documentation and take the comments into account in making a decision.




Espoo Convention, Art 2(6); Art 3(8)

Aarhus Convention Art 6, 7 (public participation)

Kiev Protocol Art 8 (public participation)