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Suggestion 1: Proponent of MPA to provide a draft management planEdit

Require the proponent of an MPA to submit a proposed Management Plan to the decision making body or subsidiary body (e.g. scientific committee) at the time it submits the MPA proposal.


References: Madrid Protocol, Annex V, Art 5, Art 6.

Suggestion 2: Subsidiary body to develop/adopt management plansEdit

Subsidiary body to work with States Parties and through competent international organizations and relevant regional bodies to develop and adopt a management plans within two years of the designation of an MPA

Notes: References: OSPAR Convention Annex V, Art 3 (duties of the OSPAR Commission to develop means for instituting measures related to specific areas/species/habitats)

Suggestion 3: Regional advisory bodies or coordinating units create management planEdit

Regional advisory bodies or coordinating units established under this agreement to be responsible for coordinating the development of a management plan within a specified time (e.g. two years) of an MPAs adoption or endorsement pursuant to this agreement See: Institutional Aspects, section 6.1, page 34.



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