ABMT Review Mechanism

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Suggestion 1: Decision making body to regularly review[edit | edit source]

In keeping under review the implementation of the agreement, the decision making body includes a regular review of area-based management measures taken by States Parties, competent international organizations and other bodies, and the status of the development of a system of MPAs, with a view to developing recommendations for improving their effectiveness, coherence and sufficiency.

References: UNGA Res. A/61/105 para 91 (reporting on actions taken by States and RFMOs)

Suggestion 2: Scientific body tasked to perform the review and provide recommendations to decision making body[edit | edit source]

A subsidiary body (e.g. scientific committee) is charged with the provision of advice and formulation of recommendations to the Parties in connection with implementation of the agreement, including on:

  • The status of area-based management measures adopted by competent international bodies pursuant to this agreement
  • The effectiveness of the measures taken pursuant to this agreement
  • The need to update, strengthen or otherwise improve such measures
  • The need for additional measures

References: Madrid Protocol, Art 12 Functions of the Committee

Suggestion 3: Competent international organizations invited to respond to the recommendations[edit | edit source]

Decision-making body invites States Parties and competent international organizations to respond to the recommendations within a specified time (e.g. 2 years) and to report on their progress annually.

References: UNGA Res. A/61/105 para 91 (reporting on actions taken by States and RFMOs)