Benefits of genetic resources

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From the procedural report of the BBNJ Preparatory Committee, 31/07/17 :

iii) Benefits

The text would set out the types of benefits that could be shared.

From the President's aid to discussions, 25/06/18:

(a) Would the instrument contain a list of benefits and/or would it specify types of benefits?

(b) Would the instrument provide for a list to be developed subsequently?

(c) Would there be a review of any such list and/or of the types of benefits?

Suggestion 1: Indicative list in an Annex[edit | edit source]

A detailed annex with a list of indicative monetary and non-monetary benefits is included in the agreement.

References: Nagoya Protocol: Annex Monetary and Non-Monetary Benefits

Suggestion 2: COP decisions.[edit | edit source]

A provision in the agreement indicates that COP decision should further define/elaborate the possible monetary and non-monetary benefits to be shared.

References: CBD Art 15 (general obligations for ABS), Bonn Guidelines, Nagoya Protocol

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