Capacity building

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Suggestion 1: A definition based on the Cotonou Agreement[edit | edit source]

In respect of the spirit of the Cotonou Agreement, one can define capacity building as the process aiming to facilitate, in conjunction with the stakeholders, a consolidation of their capacities at an individual, organizational and sectoral level to allow them to evolve and adapt to the new contextual requirements and fulfil their role within a governance structure.

References: Capacity Building

Suggestion 2: A definition from WHO[edit | edit source]

The United Nations Development Programme defines capacity as "the ability to perform functions, solve problems, and achieve objectives" at three levels: individual, institutional and societal.

Accordingly, capacity building has typically been defined as the development and strengthening of human and institutional resources. It is acknowledged that the process needs to go beyond the public sector, as it is also influenced by entities in the private sector including commercial enterprises and nongovernmental organisations.

References: Capacity building and initiatives