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From the report of the BBNJ Preparatory Committee, 31/07/17 :

The text would set out that the process for identification of areas within which protection may be required would be based on the best available scientific information, standards and criteria, including:

  • uniqueness;
  • rarity;
  • special importance for life history stages of species;
  • importance for threatened, endangered or declining species and/or habitats;
  • vulnerability;
  • fragility;
  • sensitivity;
  • biological productivity;
  • biological diversity;
  • representativeness;
  • dependency;
  • naturalness;
  • connectivity;
  • ecological processes; and
  • economic and social factors.

From the President's aid to discussions, 25/06/18:

(a) Taking into account possible approaches as indicated in 4.3 above, what process for the identification of areas within which protection may be required, based on the best available scientific information, standards and criteria, would the instrument set out?

(b) Which standards and criteria, in addition to those included in section III of the report of the Preparatory Committee, would be included in the instrument? How would existing criteria that are utilized by relevant global, regional and sectoral bodies be taken into account?

(c) How much detail would the instrument include in setting out the standards and criteria?

(d) Would the instrument provide for the possibility of reviewing and/or updating the standards and criteria?

Suggestion 1: Decision-making body to develop specific criteria and guidelines[edit | edit source]

Provide for the decision-making body to develop specific obligations, including scientific criteria and guidelines for the selection of marine protected areas and other areas where special measures need to be taken to conserve marine biological diversity.

References: UNCLOS Art 201, scientific criteria for regulations, UNFSA Art 5 (general principles)

Suggestion 2: Refer to internationally recognized criteria[edit | edit source]

Refer to internationally recognized criteria for area-based conservation measures, such as:

  • CBD criteria for ecological or biological significant areas (EBSAs);
  • FAO criteria for vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs)
  • Criteria established by Regional Seas Conventions such as OSPAR, Barcelona Convention, CCAMLR
  • IMO Criteria for Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSAs)
  • International lists of species in need of enhanced protection, such as those adopted by CMS, CITES and other relevant international organizations.

References: CBD COP Decision IX/20, Annex I (scientific criteria for EBSAs), CBD criteria (EBSAs), OSPAR guidance documents, FAO VME criteria, IMO Resolution A.982(24) (PSSAs)

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