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Suggestion 1: System of observation and inspection[edit | edit source]

Provide for establishment of a system of observation and inspection in order to promote the objective and ensure observance of the provisions of the agreement.

States co-operate with each other to ensure the effective implementation of the system of observation and inspection, taking account of the existing international practice and schemes in place.

This system could include:

  • procedures for boarding and inspection by observers and inspectors designated by the Parties
  • procedures for prosecution and sanctions on the basis of evidence resulting from such boarding and inspections.


References: RFMOs inspection and enforcement scheme (CCAMLR, FFA, IBSFC, ICCAT, IOTC, NAFO, NEAFC, NPAFC), CAMLR Art XXIV

Suggestion 2: Right for the Parties to designate observers[edit | edit source]

Provide that each Contracting Party shall have the right to designate observers to carry out any inspection in accordance with conditions defined in the agreement.


References: Antarctic Treaty Art VII, Madrid Protocol Art 14 (inspection), Antarctic Treaty Res. 5 (1995) (Antarctic Inspection Checklists)

Suggestion 3: IMO audit scheme[edit | edit source]

Enable participation of the IMO Member State Audit scheme for use by state parties to assess what factors are most necessary to enable effective implementation of key international requirements.

Notes: The scheme is now mandatory for member states of the IMO.


Suggestion 4:[edit | edit source]



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