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List of abbreviations

From IUCN Marine Biodiversity Matrix
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Aarhus Convention United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

ABMT Area-based management tool

ABNJ Areas beyond National Jurisdiction

ABS Access and Benefit Sharing

BMUB German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

BfN German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Bonn Guidelines Bonn guidelines on access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from their utilization

CAMLR Convention Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources Convention

CCAMLR Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

CBD Convention on Biological Diversity

CMS Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bonn Convention)

The Convention UNCLOS

EBSA Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas

EIA Environmental impact assessment

EIS Environmental information statement

Espoo Convention Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context

IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature

IUU Fishing Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing

ITPGRFA International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

Kiev Protocol Protocol On Strategic Environmental Assessment To The Convention On Environmental Impact Assessment In A Transboundary Context

Madrid Protocol Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty

MGR Marine genetic resources

MPA Marine protected area

MSP Marine spatial planning

MSR Marine scientific research

Nagoya Protocol The Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Noumea Convention Noumea Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region

OSPAR Convention Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic

RFMO/A Regional fisheries management organisations and arrangements

Rotterdam Convention Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade

SEA Strategic environmental assessment

SPA Specially Protected Area

SPA/BD Protocol Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity in the Mediterranean to the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution

SPRFMO South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation

TRIPS Agreement Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNFSA UN Fish Stocks Agreement (Agreement For The Implementation Of The Provisions Of The United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea Of 10 December 1982 Relating To The Conservation And Management Of Straddling Fish Stocks And Highly Migratory Fish Stock)

UNGA United Nations General Assembly

UN Working Group United Nations Ad Hoc Open-ended Informal Working Group to study issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction

VME Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem