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Suggestion 1: Basic requirements for management plan[edit | edit source]

Specify general contents of a draft management plan, such as:

  • Goals and objectives for the MPA
  • Spatial boundaries
  • Proposed management measures
  • A monitoring plan
  • A research plan
  • Performance criteria for evaluating progress toward goals and objectives, and effectiveness of specific management approaches
  • Legislation and institutional framework/arrangements
  • Basic cycle for review, revision and updating.


References: SPA/BD Protocol to the Barcelona Convention Art 6, IUCN Guidelines for marine protected areas, IUCN Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation

Suggestion 2: Detailed requirements for management plan listed in the agreement[edit | edit source]

Include more detailed contents for the management plan, such as:

  • a description of the value or values for which special protection or management is required;
  • a statement of the aims and objectives of the Management Plan for the protection or management of those values;
  • management activities which are to be undertaken to protect the values for which special protection or management is required;
  • a description of the area;
  • the identification of zones within the area, in which activities are to be prohibited, restricted or managed for the purpose of achieving the aims and objectives above;
  • a clear description of conditions under which permits may be granted by the competent authority
  • codes of conduct for allowed activities;
  • other relevant restrictions on activities in the MPA


References: Madrid Protocol Annex V, Art 5 (3) (list of what a management plan should contain), Guidelines for the management of MPAs in the OSPAR maritime area (structure for an MPA Management Plan) IUCN list of Protected Areas publications, Marine and Coastal Protected Areas: A Guide for Planners and Managers.

Suggestion 3:[edit | edit source]



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