Mapping and global data base of ABMTs

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Suggestion 1: Provision on development of mapping and global data base[edit | edit source]

States Parties cooperate directly, through competent international organisations and pursuant to this agreement and the Convention, or though a decision-making body established under this agreement:

  • To understand and map existing patterns of human use of and impacts on the marine environment in ABNJ;
  • To map ecologically or biologically significant areas and other critical and sensitive areas and vulnerable marine areas in ABNJ, with reference to relevant international criteria;
  • To establish a global database of area-based management measures adopted in ABNJ;
  • To collect and map other relevant information.

References: UNCLOS Art 200 (research, information), UNGA Res. 61/105 para 90 (global database on VMEs), FAO VME database, CBD COP Decision X/29 (EBSA information repository), EBSA Repository and Information-Sharing Mechanism, EMODnet, Obis, OSPAR MPA Map Tool