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Suggestion 1: General provisions allowing for establishment of relevant subsidiary bodies[edit | edit source]

Any subsidiary bodies necessary to serve the purpose of the agreement could be established by decision of the decision making bodies. Any such decision shall specify the tasks to be undertaken.


References: Nagoya Protocol Art 27 (subsidiary bodies)

Suggestion 2: Compliance Committee[edit | edit source]

Establish a Compliance Committee to assist the Parties to comply with their obligations, as well as to facilitate, promote, monitor and aim to secure the implementation of and compliance with the obligations under the agreement.

This Compliance Committee can develop and implement procedures and measures to promote compliance and address non-compliance.


References: Minamata Convention Art 15 (Implementation and Compliance Committee)

Suggestion 3: ABNJ platform (scientific, technical and socio-economic data)[edit | edit source]

An intergovernmental body or platform on ABNJ could be established under this agreement as a scientific body under the auspices of the United Nations, with the main objective of reviewing and assessing recent scientific, technical and socio-economic information produced worldwide, relevant to the understanding of conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in ABNJ.


References: UNGA Res. A/43/755.

Suggestion 4: Establish a scientific or technical committee[edit | edit source]

Establish a scientific or technical committee.

Notes: A scientific committee could play a valuable role in coordinating scientific input and advice between the global and regional level and ensuring the best available scientific information is available to all bodies to respond to changing ocean conditions.


Suggestion 5: Establish a capacity building and technology transfer committee[edit | edit source]

Establish a capacity building and technology transfer committee.



Suggestion 6: Establish regional scientific committees[edit | edit source]

Establish regional scientific committees.

Notes: Regional scientific committees can provide a cost effective way of ensuring effective and science-based implementation of the new instrument based on global, regional and national needs and priorities.


Suggestion 7:[edit | edit source]



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