Overall approach to ABMT/MPA process: global, regional, sectoral or hybrid

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Suggestion 1: Global approach[edit | edit source]

A global approach would acknowledge that States have both the right and the duty to protect and preserve the marine environment and reflect the inherent power of States to take action directly and collectively to adopt more stringent measures than may exist in sectoral bodies.

Note: National and global measures should not be perceived as undermining existing institutions or measures as long as they are at least as stringent.

References: UNFSA, CITES, IMO Ballast Water Convention

Suggestion 2: Regional approach[edit | edit source]

Enhance role and effectiveness of sectoral and regional organizations with respect to adoption and implementation of sectoral ABMTs and regional MPAs, through:

  • Adoption of common principles, standards and mechanisms for incorporating an ecosystem approach into management;
  • Adoption of precautionary measures;
  • Support for marine scientific research;
  • Sharing of data and information;
  • Integration of biodiversity considerations into management process.

Mechanisms would also need to be established to enable existing regional organizations to meet additional demands and/or to fill the gaps in coverage.

References: UNFSA arts. 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 (components of duty of cooperation); CBD arts. 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 (integration of biodiversity in management).

Suggestion 3: Duty to consult and cooperate with relevant organizations[edit | edit source]

Provide for States to cooperate to strengthen existing organizations, to join and act in good faith in any relevant new organizations, and to consult in the case of overlapping competencies with respect to measures that may have a significant effect on the other.

References: CBD art. 6; UNFSA Part III (mechanisms for cooperation), art. 8.6 (duty to consult).

Suggestion 4: Endorsement of MPAs established at regional level[edit | edit source]

Create mechanism for proposals for endorsement of MPAs established at the regional level (outside the framework of this agreement) to be submitted to the decision-making body for review.

Upon the entry into force of the agreement, the decision making body/COP and/or subsidiary body would promptly review existing regional MPAs with a view to endorsement, in cooperation with relevant sub-regional, regional and sectoral organizations and bodies.

References: IUCN Policy Brief VI on Options and Approaches for Establishing and Managing Marine Protected Areas in ABNJ

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