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From Chair's indicative suggestions document 31/05/17:

The text would set out the States and entities to which the instrument would apply, in a manner similar to the provisions of the United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement (article 1).

Suggestion 1: Similar to UNFSA Article 1[edit | edit source]

For the purposes of this Agreement:

a) "States Parties" means States which have consented to be bound by this Agreement and for which the Agreement is in force.

b) This Agreement applies mutatis mutandis:

(i) to any entity referred to in article 305, paragraph 1 (c), (d) and (e), of the Convention, and

(ii) subject to article X, to any entity referred to as an "international organization" in Annex IX, article 1, of the Convention which becomes a Party to this Agreement, and to that extent "States Parties" refers to those entities.


References: UNFSA Article 1

Suggestion 2:[edit | edit source]



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