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Area-based management tools

  • Option 1: The definition of ABMTs could include three elements:(1)the objective – ABMTs would be aimed at the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity; (2) the geographic scope – ABMTs would be applied only to areas in the high seas and the international seabed area; (3) the function - ABMTs would include different functions and management approaches.
  • Option 2: ABMTs are tools designed and applicable in a specified area located beyond national jurisdiction with a view to achieving a defined objective (environmental conservation or/and resource management).
  • Option 3: A spatial management tool for a geographically defined area through which one or several sectors/activities are managed with the aim of achieving particular objectives and affording higher protection than the surrounding areas.
  • Option 4: ABMTs include both sectoral and cross-sectoral measures that contribute to conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity. Cross- sectoral ABMTs, including MPAs, and marine spatial planning, are those tools that require cooperation and coordination across multiple organizations and bodies, may achieve broader objectives and respond to cumulative impacts. Sectoral ABMTs include measures adopted by a competent international organization to achieve biodiversity conservation objectives for a specific area and include fisheries closures designated by RFMOs, Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSAs) designated by the IMO, or Areas of Particular Environmental Interest (APEIs/reference zones) designated by the ISA.

From Chair’s streamlined non-paper on elements of a draft text of the ILBI at PrepCom 4