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Marine protected areas

  • The definition could distinguish MPAs as a subcategory of ABMTs which have a primary stated objective of achieving long-term conservation of marine biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Any definition must be wide or flexible enough to encompass the high seas protected areas already created by RFMOs, so that they would be fully recognised as MPAs under the instrument.
    - Option 1: “Marine protected area” means a geographically defined area which is designated, regulated and managed to achieve specific conservation objectives (CBD, article 2).
    - Option 2: The definition of “protected area” provided in article2 of the CBD is a starting point which would need to be adapted, as appropriate, in order to specifically focus on marine areas beyond national jurisdiction.
    - Option 3:“Marine protected area” means a designated geographically defined marine area [in areas beyond national jurisdiction] where human activities are regulated, managed or prohibited in order to achieve specific conservation objectives including the long-term conservation and resilience of nature. 
    - Option 4: “Marine protected area” means a defined area of the marine environment, including its associated flora, fauna, historical and cultural features, which has been reserved by legislation or other effective means, including custom, with the effect that its marine biodiversity enjoys a higher level of protection than its surroundings.
    - Option 5: “Any marine geographical area that is afforded greater protection than the surrounding waters for biodiversity conservation or fisheries management purposes.” MPAs would not be limited to marine reserved areas or no-take zones.

From Chair’s streamlined non-paper on elements of a draft text of the ILBI at PrepCom 4