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From Chair's indicative suggestions document 31/05/17:

The text would set out who can make proposals for the establishment of area-based management tools, including marine protected areas.

Suggestion 1: States, IOs, Experts, NGOs can make proposals[edit | edit source]

Entities entitled to submit an MPA proposal may include:

  • States Parties to the agreement
  • Relevant competent international organizations
  • A subsidiary body (e.g. scientific committee) established pursuant to the instrument
  • An accredited group of scientific experts
  • Accredited NGOs

References: Madrid Protocol, Annex V, Art 5 (procedure for submitting proposal by any Party, the Environment Committee, the Scientific Committee, or CCAMLR)

Suggestion 2: Only states can make proposals[edit | edit source]

States Parties may make proposals.

Proposals shall undergo an extensive and inclusive consultation period with relevant international organizations, scientific experts, civil society and traditional knowledge holders.

References: IGC 1 Statement of Korea